It’s been a while

What can I say? Things have been, uh, crazy. Yeah, crazy. In all honesty, I’ve just neglected the blog this past month and a half, and hopefully not that things are starting to wind down with school I’ll have time to post more often than the rate I’ve been keeping up lately. The major thing I should note that I really should have blogged about is my getting my very first Mac (!!), a 20-inch (oh yeah) iMac Core Duo. How do I even begin? It’s an absolutely amazing machine, and I only wish that I’d documented my discoveries during the first couple days of use, but then again it’s not like it’s been that long since I’ve had it. Soon to follow will be the prerequisite to owning a Mac: my Top 10 apps 🙂


FLOSS Theme Song

In the second edition of FLOSS Weekly from the TWiT Network, Chris and Leo solicited a new theme song. Below are links to two of my submissions.

Theme song 1.mp3
Theme Song 2.mp3

XP on a Mac (!), in other news Henry becomes the 16,376th person to blog this

For productivity and those who rely on OS-specific apps, it’s a blessing, but to Mac evangelists such as myself, this is a tad unsettling: Windows XP has successfully been installed on a MacTel. The two who created the workaround, remaining annonymous at the time of this writing, using the handles ‘Narf’ and ‘Blanka’, received $13,000+ in prize money from the pool at, a site dedicated to finding a way to accomplish such a feat. The osx86 community and others alike have been feverishly working on such a solution since the first Intel-based Macs were anounced at MacWorld in January. The biggest hurdle has been getting around the new BIOS format, EFI, that the new Intel Chips utilize, but Windows XP does not support. In terms of my own personal opinion, I congratulate Narf and Blanka for accomplishing such a feat, but I think of Macs as an entirely different computer solution, and not just a different brand of boring Windows Machines. But it’s not like it’s a Microsoft-create port, so I shan’t feel too bad!

Another week gone by?

Well, once again I’ve failed to post anything since last week, but I have a kinda-sorta solution: I’ve added an RSS feed of all the recent stories I’ve dugg over at This way, you can see things I’m interested in, and possibly topics of interest to you!

Hopefully I’ll be able to post more, but I just haven’t had the time. More to come soon–maybe.

A leave of absence; isn’t that redundant?

I apologize for my lack of updation. School’s been a bitch, and life in general has been hectic lately. I have to say, I believe that the unit my Tech Ed class has just begun is the coolest unit ever! We get to build Lego machines! In fact, we watched a video about the manufacturing process of Legos today. It was quite interesting. I cannot believe the level precision they strive for. What’s more, most of their machines are custom built because the manufacturing proceses they use are so unique.

I’m off to go build a Lego creation.

While it’s still up

Hurry, while it’s still up! Download the best web browser known to mankind!

A message to CrackBerry users

It seems CrackBerry users won’t have to kick their habit after all, after over half a year of the future of the BlackBerry’s most popular feature, wireless email, being uncertain. Due to a settlement reached today between RIM, manufacturer of the ubiquitous BlackBerry, and NTP, owner of several mobile email patents, which they accused RIM of infringin upon, wireless email will remain in BlackBerry devices. The patent dispute that has been going on since the summer ended today when NTP finally settled with RIM for a decent chunk of change: 612.5 million dollars.


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