I’m Henry, and this is my blog. Over the past couple months I’ve been experimenting with several different blogging systems and website creation tools. To narrow it down in the broadest sense, although ‘homepages’ are nice, updating the content can be tiresome work if you’re creating by hand. So, after creating (and handcoding) several ‘homepages’ I decided a blog was most suitable for me, in addition to do the fact that should you want to, you can also add static pages. But then came the hard part: deciding which tool to use. The Google query ‘create a blog’ yields approximately 283,000,000 results, so finding the best system to use up until recently proved to be a difficult task. In the end, I decided to go with an open source solution, WordPress, and host it with a free, ad supported service. This didn’t work out. Various components didn’t work, it was unreliable and it was ad-supported. But none of this was WordPress’ fault, and I knew that. This was when I found WordPress.com. It seems the wonderful folks over at WordPress.org were not content with just building a ‘state-of-the-art semantic publishing system’; they wanted to offer free hosting too. Ad-free hosting. The deal seemed too good to be true, but as you read these very words on my WordPress.com blog, you can see it isn’t. After months of toiling away writing bad HTML, finally I’ve discovered blogging Nirvana, and without further a do, here’s your host Henry!


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My name is Henry and I enjoy listening to The Rush Limbaugh Show and counting in prime numbers. Not.

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