Rumors, rumors, rumors

Apparently, after testing both, Apple has decided to develop a “true” video iPod with a 4-inch screen rather than 3.5. Or so they say. Lately, I’ve found myself becoming continually more obsessed with Apple rumors and speculation, and it’s become, shall we say, unhealthy. Take Apple’s Tuesday announcement for instance. I felt very let down that Apple didn’t deliver the promised media center Mac or “true” iPod. Promised by whom? The rumor sites. I think I speak for many avid readers of rumor sites that we fell victim to our own speculation particularly this past Tuesday. I, we, became so wrapped up in all of these rumors that we were surprised when Apple didn’t release what had never even officially been promised! I mean, the site has the word ‘rumors’ in its URL. FYI, a rumor is not necessarily true information! Socially, a rumor is generally false information that is delivered typically by word of mouth to the masses, and this is just a digital version of this meets Apple. I think the guys at MacCast: the gist of the section covering rumors was it’s fun to speculate, but it should just be fun, and is not intended to be taken extremely seriously. I totally agree with this, but I can’t say it’s going to be easy to cut down on my daily rumor consumption. 😉


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