To be or not to be, have I any readers?

It’s funny. Actually it’s not. Nonetheless, it really hasn’t bothered me that I’ve gotten no comments (and I’m guessing as a result no readers)  thus far since I’ve had this WordPress blog. However, it should be noted that I’ve been posting in this since just this past Tuesday. Interestingly, there are blog stats within this implementation of WordPress, and it says I’ve had 17 views. It should be noted that the blog stats are in beta, and for another thing, I’m guessing that it doesn’t mean 17 people, but rather 17 views, most likely all of them by myself. Anyway, I figure that although this blog is public and anyone can read it, I’m really writing in this for my own personal pleasure and satisfaction. If I wanted to vent all of my emotion into some sort of diary, I wouldn’t post online, and I would probably write in a boring old “analog” diary. So, dear readers (should I have any),  if you are reading this  could you  leave a comment so I know that I have at least a single reader? That is, of course, only if you  want to.


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