VoIP- not just an onomatopoeia

It turns out that VoIP is not only the sound made when a futuristic space craft takes off. Instead it stands for Voice-Over-Internet Protocol, and is becoming quite ubiquitous in its paid form thanks to (most popularly) Vonage, and in its free form, as in its no-cost version, Skype. I haven’t really paid too close of attention to the topic until I found out that my school has switched its telephony system to (the much cheaper) VoIP, and just today when I read on Digg that Skype is going to be offering handsets in the not-so-distant future. Now, this doesn’t mean it’s going to be a completely mobile solution, but a bluetooth device is being developed that would allow you to talk to you Skype buddies up to around 330 feet away from your computer. The catch? It’s only going to be available in the UK, and it’s probably for major Skype enthusiasts only, as it’s gonna cost in the neighborhood of 175 buckaroos.



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