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XP on a Mac (!), in other news Henry becomes the 16,376th person to blog this

For productivity and those who rely on OS-specific apps, it’s a blessing, but to Mac evangelists such as myself, this is a tad unsettling: Windows XP has successfully been installed on a MacTel. The two who created the workaround, remaining annonymous at the time of this writing, using the handles ‘Narf’ and ‘Blanka’, received $13,000+ in prize money from the pool at, a site dedicated to finding a way to accomplish such a feat. The osx86 community and others alike have been feverishly working on such a solution since the first Intel-based Macs were anounced at MacWorld in January. The biggest hurdle has been getting around the new BIOS format, EFI, that the new Intel Chips utilize, but Windows XP does not support. In terms of my own personal opinion, I congratulate Narf and Blanka for accomplishing such a feat, but I think of Macs as an entirely different computer solution, and not just a different brand of boring Windows Machines. But it’s not like it’s a Microsoft-create port, so I shan’t feel too bad!


Apple’s movie service?

The rumors have been flying lately that Apple is going to be opening up a movie download section of the iTunes Music Store. Check this out:

No, it’s not a leaked Apple movie downloads site, but it doesn’t return a 404 error, which means it doesn’t exist. Instead, going to that webpage returns a 403 error, which means it’s forbidden, i.e. only administrators can see it. What could this be? Is it just a part of the quicktime site? Leave some feedback.

Rumors, rumors, rumors

Apparently, after testing both, Apple has decided to develop a “true” video iPod with a 4-inch screen rather than 3.5. Or so they say. Lately, I’ve found myself becoming continually more obsessed with Apple rumors and speculation, and it’s become, shall we say, unhealthy. Take Apple’s Tuesday announcement for instance. I felt very let down that Apple didn’t deliver the promised media center Mac or “true” iPod. Promised by whom? The rumor sites. I think I speak for many avid readers of rumor sites that we fell victim to our own speculation particularly this past Tuesday. I, we, became so wrapped up in all of these rumors that we were surprised when Apple didn’t release what had never even officially been promised! I mean, the site has the word ‘rumors’ in its URL. FYI, a rumor is not necessarily true information! Socially, a rumor is generally false information that is delivered typically by word of mouth to the masses, and this is just a digital version of this meets Apple. I think the guys at MacCast: the gist of the section covering rumors was it’s fun to speculate, but it should just be fun, and is not intended to be taken extremely seriously. I totally agree with this, but I can’t say it’s going to be easy to cut down on my daily rumor consumption. 😉

Hold on a second

It actually sounds like I’m not the only crazy one; it seems that many other people were disappointed with Apple’s promise of “fun new products,” namely the *cough, ugly* iPod Hi-Fi.

Check this out–it ‘s the reader’s comments on‘s post about the iPod Hi-Fi:


I apologize

I know. For a wannabe MacAddict (I don’t yet have a Mac. Yet), I ragged on Apple pretty hard in my last post, and I apologize for that. How could I be cruel to a company of righteousness? Why, just look at they’ve given me, us! The iBook G4, mainly. And the iMac, too. Oh how I want one of those! If they gave the iBook an Intel Core Duo, or even Solo, processor it would blaze, baby! ‘Nuff said.

¿¡Porqué, Apple!?

I just finished hitting ‘refresh’ for what seems like the hundredth time, trying to get coverage of Apple’s media event today. Honestly, I feel a tad let down. Okay, leather iPod cases. Great. Mac Mini with Front Row and Intol Core Solo or Duo and Bonjour capabilities for wireless media sharing. Even better. iPod Hi-fi. I’d love to pay $349 for that! Not. I mean, where was my Tivo-killer, movies on the iTMS, “real” iPod Video? Where was my one more thing!? Well, Jobs did say he’d see us “real soon”.




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