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A leave of absence; isn’t that redundant?

I apologize for my lack of updation. School’s been a bitch, and life in general has been hectic lately. I have to say, I believe that the unit my Tech Ed class has just begun is the coolest unit ever! We get to build Lego machines! In fact, we watched a video about the manufacturing process of Legos today. It was quite interesting. I cannot believe the level precision they strive for. What’s more, most of their machines are custom built because the manufacturing proceses they use are so unique.

I’m off to go build a Lego creation.


What happened to being nice?

Apparently, some people have nothing better to do than write derogatory comments on 12-year-old kids’ blogs, as exemplified by this idiot who makes fun of Robert Scoble‘s son‘s friend for wanting to start blog, and for using to accomplish such a task. Have a look for yourself at what good ol’ Ramble has to say about Patrick Scoble’s friend:


Have a look at Patrick’s response :


You know you’ve hit rock-bottom when…

…you watch a ‘rockumentary’ otherwise known as Behind the Music about Kid Rock on VH1. And you enjoy it.


My name is Henry and I enjoy listening to The Rush Limbaugh Show and counting in prime numbers. Not.

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