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While it’s still up

Hurry, while it’s still up! Download the best web browser known to mankind!


Apple’s movie service?

The rumors have been flying lately that Apple is going to be opening up a movie download section of the iTunes Music Store. Check this out:

No, it’s not a leaked Apple movie downloads site, but it doesn’t return a 404 error, which means it doesn’t exist. Instead, going to that webpage returns a 403 error, which means it’s forbidden, i.e. only administrators can see it. What could this be? Is it just a part of the quicktime site? Leave some feedback.

Your daily cup of joe on coffee

Rarely sleep, always wired? This ‘for us, by us’ site is for you.



I recently stumbled across a blog called, a site by the very interesting Merlin Mann of, after it was discussed by Leo, Amber, and their guest Merlin Mann on last week’s Inside the Net. The concept is strange yet addictive: simply make lists of five things, hence the site address. Such lists include Five good things to absorb while you’re still young, Five decidedly un-super supergroups, and Five more excellent public radio names. Definitely a must-see.


My name is Henry and I enjoy listening to The Rush Limbaugh Show and counting in prime numbers. Not.

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